21 and Back to Being Healthy

Well my birthday was awesome, the venue looked amazing, i looked amazing (so i was told) everyone couldn't stop talking about how much weight i have lost. Weighed in 3 days after my birthday and only gained 800 grams so pretty happy with my self, and i didn't even go over the 85kg mark I'm currently 84.9 haha almost but i didn't =]

Had  a heap of left over lollies and goodies from my birthday which i found myself constantly eating so i took the 3 bags of choccy and lollies to work, they went pretty fast =].
Donok (A lady at my work) is stunned about how much weight i have lost and how fast i have lost it and asked how i did it, i replied Healthy eating (ww) and exercise in which i do Kickboxing, and after a 2 week break after my birthday next time i was at work Donok informed me she has started up kickboxing and has done 5 class's so far, and her whole body aches but she feels so much fresh and pumped for work these days.

Finding it a little hard to get back into exercising and eating right, some days i do well other i just don't track, and i really cant be bothered going to Kickboxing tonight, i think its just winter & night shift getting to me, i want to be at home at night snuggled in front of the fire watching master chief and not going to work at 6pm and night and not getting home at 6am in the morning, but its just something i have to deal with i guess.

Have a good day All!
The Shrinking Gem!